Agnostic Data Collection

How our data collection works?

Our mission is to gather data from any available building source, analyse it and present that data in a way that informs key stakeholders on how well or poorly a building is operating. In order to do this OPNBuildings makes use of agnostic data collection techniques.

Raw Data Collection

We gather low level building data by deploying a plug and play device that co-exists with your current BMS. This device makes use of open protocols such as BACNet and Modbus so we can work with most building systems and devices regardless of vendor.

Supplementary Sensors

In cases where data needs to be captured on specific items outside the existing building network, such as energy meters or air quality sensors. We deploy low cost, wireless IoT sensors, such as LoRa and Sigfox.

Open APIs & Dashboards

The goal at all times is to help you future proof your building by providing you with a data collection infrastructure that is open, extendable and highly effective. Allowing all stakeholders, present and future, to harness the data and provide intelligence.

What is the data collection device ?

Our device is a plug and play, 3g enabled device that works on any BMS vendor using BACNet or Modbus protocols. It allows for multiple sensors to be captured via one low cost device and it automatically collects data on a 15 minute granularity.

The IoT sensors we use leverage Sigfox or LoRa as the underlying communications technology. These are Low Power Wide Area Network (LP-WAN) protocols. Devices connected using SigFox or LoRa consume little power and operate over much larger distances compared to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection protocols, which consume more power and work best in short range. In short it is a cost effective technology that allows mass sensor deployment without needing physical wiring or infrastructure

We value all data related to HVAC operation, Indoor Environment Conditions, Energy Usage and Occupancy Levels. These are our four pillars of building performance. The data we collect in these areas is at all times non-identifiable and benign yet highly valuable information on how well your building is performing.

The data we collected is passed through our data analysis engines in the cloud. This allows us to do fault detection and anomaly detection on your energy, hvac and indoor environment data points. After this we trend all key data points for historical analysis and generate key performance metrics on all your critical equipment.

Yes, our data collection techniques are all built to be secure and safe to use. All modern methods of data security are applied at all stages of the data flow. Firewalls, data encryption, anonymity of data and communication encryption are some examples in use.

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