Energy Data Collection Technology

How do we collect meter data ?

Our technology can connect to existing metering networks and pull data from them. However we also offer IoT enabled meter sensors resulting in less disruption and an easier install. Finally, as we are uniquely situated to capture BMS & HVAC data we can create calculated energy meters for your HVAC assets without the need for any physical meters. Resulting in a deeper analysis on where your energy is being consumed without the additional cost of physical meters for every asset.

Traditional Networks

We can pull data from existing metering infrastructures that communicate over Modbus or BACNet. This data can be ingested into the platform for full measurement, analysis and verification.

IoT Metering

We can also offer low cost, low barrier options to pick up distributed meters that do not have an existing network. This means that you can extend your analysis to cover those consumers that were previously out of reach.

Anomaly Detection

We then run all collected data onto our platform and through or algorithms. This means not only do we provide a traditional measurement and verification package but we can provide automated intelligence on potential problems and excess consumption.

What is HVAC virtual metering ?

HVAC virtual metering is achieved by taking the flow rates, temperature data and other operation data from your HVAC systems to produce an estimated energy usage for the piece of equipment. This is ideal as traditional, metering covers the top level consumption across a building but it can be tricky to understand where energy is being consumed. This gives you greater insight and helps achieve better management of waste.

Traditionally, alarms are used as the primary way to keep on top of excess consumption and issues with energy use. These are usually static threshold based alarms and can be quite limited. With anomaly detection we can combine the operation data behind a meter such as pumps, air handling units, indoor temperatures and occupancy levels to produce more accurate reasons for excess/unexpected consumption. As an example, unexplained gas consumption out of hours can be detected and matched to fabric or frost protection strategies to tell if you if it really is wasted consumption or not.

Our IoT meter sensors are tried and tested in multiple environments. They are reliable, secure and accurate once commissioned correctly. They work on the Sigfox communication protocol which has gone through rigorous design and testing to ensure security and reliability. Full explanations of this can be found at the following resource link. Sigfox Security Whitepaper

We support electric, gas, water and heat metering with digital outputs over Modbus or BACNet or else pulse outputs. Our IoT sensors are only compatible with pulse outputs which most metering can be set to use.

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