Energy Platform Migration - Tyndall

Tyndall National Institute is a leading European research centre in integrated ICT (Information and Communications Technology) hardware and systems. Specialising in both electronics and photonics - materials, devices, circuits and systems. As the National institute for photonics and micro/nanoelectronics and a research flagship of UCC, the institute employs 600 researchers, engineers and support staff, including 120 full-time graduate students across 18,000m2 of cleanroom, labs and offices.

Tyndall National Institute uses 12.6GWh of energy annually and its energy management system is certified to ISO50001:2018. The site has a comprehensive network of metering covering electricity, natural gas, water and nitrogen usage which allows the Facilities Group to monitor, report and manage energy use at a granular level.

The Challenge

The Institutes existing energy monitoring software provider was exiting the market and Tyndall urgently needed a replacement provider. It was vital to Tyndall that the new provider could complete the changeover with limited loss of data, import all of the historical data and reuse as much of the existing hardware as possible. Considering the level of metering across the site consisted of 90+ energy, gas, water and nitrogen meters this was a reasonably challenging prospect.

The Result

OPNBuildings used their expertise to seamlessly migrate the energy data to a more modern and user friendly cloud platform. The plan went off without a hitch and within half a day the metering network was rerouted to the new platform and all historical data was migrated. All existing meters and hardware were retained and simply re- routed to the OPNEnergy product. This ensured the lowest cost transition with as little disruption as possible.


OPNBuildings provided a more modern and user friendly cloud platform to the Tyndall facilities team. It provides Tyndall with the power and flexibility needed to systematically identify, investigate, track and implement energy strategies across an energy intensive facility.

With the power and flexibility of the new platform, Tyndall will be able to build upon their solid existing base for energy monitoring and reporting and begin initiatives around sharing energy intensity data and carbon emissions to business units, occupiers and the general public though the use of public display dashboards and carbon reporting tools.


Seamless Data Migration - The existing hardware was rerouted to the OPNBuildings servers via a simple process and no data loss occurred..

Pain Free Validation - The OPNBuildings team validated all data was correct, virtual meter calculations were retained and existing reporting needs met.

Enhanced Offering - OPNBuildings is able to provide an enhanced offering to the previous vendor with modern features such as anomaly detection, public dashboards and regression analysis.

Client Feedback

"When our existing software provider announced they were leaving the market it was an unexpected problem. OPNBuildings have taken that problem and turned it into a fantastic opportunity for us. We now have a more intuitive and user-friendly interface with clear dashboards that are easy to share as well as more powerful analytical tools. The changeover was straightforward and was excellently managed by OPNBuildings."

- Derry Kelleher Facilities Manager - Tyndall National Institute.