Energy Measurement & Verification - Retail Store

An energy saving project was recently completed in a Flagship Retail Store in the Cork area. The principal goal was to create a repeatable process for the successful rollout of energy savings measures across the nationwide estate.

Energy Saving Strategy

A simple BMS energy saving control strategy was identified as a way to reduce energy consumption from the air handling units providing conditioning to the store. The units would be reduced shut off during the middle of the day for a period if the environmental conditions were within a comfortable range at the designated times.

The concept was simple but the facility team wanted to be sure that the occupants comfort would not be impacted during the energy saving routine.


In order to ensure the effectiveness of the strategy change, a period of monitoring took place to benchmark both the energy use of the air handing units as well as the indoor air quality and temperatures of the space being served. These measurements and values were recorded by the OPNEnergy platform as an energy and comfort project.

Data from the same sources was fed into the OPNEnergy platform during the implementation of the BMS change as well as afterwards for a period of a month. This data was reporting by the OPNEnergy platform and compared to the benchmarked period before the change took place in order to assess the change impact. The software was set to alert the facility team to immediately disable the strategy should the impact recorded be negative in nature.


Comfort Levels - The zone temperatures and CO2 levels were largely maintained during and after the implementation of the strategy, meaning there was no adverse impact on the customers of the store.

Energy Savings - The OPNEnergy platform was able to quantify the difference in consumption from the air handling units during and after the implementation of the project. Annualised this amount was a significant saving.

Repeatable process - The process used was transparent and simple so it leeds itself to be taken up in other stores across the country for move savings.

51,800 kg CO2e

Avoided Emissions


Avoided Operating Cost

20 %

Reduced Running Hrs

Client Feedback

"UCC Library is very proud of its 'Green' credentials and in the modern age this is a key indicator for the successful operation of a busy Library. OPNHVAC has given us the tools to maximise our actions, our reporting and it supports our decision making process with an intuitive dashboard. It has become a must have for the successful operation of a large building which needs to deliver for thousands of students and staff on a daily basis. It is great to have a single solution which details our environment stats in real time. And now with COVID-19 adding additional pressures, controlling the building's spaces would be very challenging if we didn't have a tool like OPNHVAC. "

- Paul Davidson Senior Library IT Support Assistant, Boole Library, UCC.