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How does it all work ?

The primary aspect of our solution is to give users access to building related data in order for them to get a better understanding of the operation of their building. To do this we give the users access to a web based application that is accessible via any internet enabled device and browser. On the flip side we pull data out of the building and its system from multiple different sources depending on the needs of the user. 1) BMS data, 2) IoT sensor data & 3) Occupancy counting sensors. We work with you doing the onboarding process to get everything setup right and the data flowing.

We have split our offering into three distinct solutions; OPNSpaces, OPNEnergy & OPNHVAC.

If you need insight into the environment your occupants gather in then OPNSpaces is for you. This product works with IoT sensors and occupancy counters in order to give you insight into energy performance and anomaly detection.

If you need insight into your energy use, sustainability levels and general targeting and tracking of systems energy consumption then OPNEnergy is for you. This product works with IoT sensors and Modbus and/or BACNet data collectors in order to give you insight into comfort conditions and how the spaces are utilised.

If you need insight into your HVAC related systems, how efficient they are and if they are doing what they should be doing then OPNHVAC is for you. This product works with Modbus and/or BACNet data collectors in order to give you insight into each piece of equipments operation, efficiency and automated fault detection of problems.

Finally as a full rounded package of solutions we offer OPNBuildings which includes all three and gives you massive advantage in mangaging and operating a high performance building.

Getting started is easy, book in a demo with us and we will talk through your particular needs and wants. From there we will do a site assessment to see if your building and systems have the minimum requirements for the particular solutions required. Then we will onboard, setup and train you in your provided solutions.

Depending on what is required it is more than likely. If we need to integrate with your BMS then we need to assess that the system operates with BACNet and is enabled. Once that is established then we can proceed. Most modern BMS systems now support BACNet as standard.

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