Unlock Your Building's Performance
With Insights

Powerful data and analytics for smart, sustainable
and lower cost building operations.


Three key solutions for all your building management responsibilities

Managing the performance of a building and its systems can be a daunting and time consuming task. With OPNBuildings gain transparency into how your building is performing by unlocking existing data and performing automated analysis on energy, occupancy, HVAC and IAQ performance. Helping you to optimise equipment performance and your buildings environment.


Create smart, healthy and efficient spaces with our indoor environment and occupancy analytics solution.

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Boost your building’s energy performance with our industry-leading energy analytics solution.

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Detects energy issues and prevent HVAC performance drift with our easy to deploy automated intelligence solution.

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Monitor your entire estate in a way that is smart, simple and transparent.

Managing a single building is challenging, managing a large estate even more so. Direct your focus only on the buildings, areas and equipment that need your attention by leveraging insights and fault detection from our platform.

  • Targeted reports and alerts on critical items that need attention.
  • Normalised KPIs that measure uptime, control and running costs.
  • Make confident evidence based decisions with performance insights.
  • Automated anomaly detection to find sustainability improvement opportunities.

Leverage a single and intuitive platform to get better insights.

Empower yourself and your teams with a single software solution that gives you the transparency and insight you need to run a truly world class building.

  • Data On Indoor Environment and Occupant Wellbeing.
  • Insights Into Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Operations.
  • Actions For Preventative HVAC Maintenance and Efficiency.