IOT Sensor Technology

How do wireless sensors work?

Our plug and play smart sensors run on the LP-WAN technologies (Sigfox or LoRa). These data connectivity options allow for simplicity and low barrier installation. Similar to how mobile phones work, the sensors (without a sim card) connect to a network provider once they are within coverage of a national network.

Easy Deploy

The lightweight battery operated sensors are, by their nature, easy to deploy. No configuration is required and no wiring is needed. Meaning no disruption for you or your occupants.

Long Life

The sensors are built with longevity in mind. LP-WAN is a low power technology and depending on the measurement frequency the sensors can operate effectively for up to 3 years without battery replacements.

Instant Analysis

All sensors come to you pre-configured and ready to capture data. This means that as soon as your devices arrive, are powered up and mounted; you can instantly access your data and insights.

Does sigfox work everywhere ?

Sigfox is a long range cellular technology so coverage across the country is very good. Also it is designed to penetrate deep into buildings for maximum coverage. However, like any cellular device, some areas will be out of range or in blackspots. In these situations a simple and small booster device can be installed that works off Wi-Fi to create "artificial" sigfox coverage.

We have gone to huge efforts in order to source the best available wireless sensors to use in our solution. They have been vetted and validated in multiple environments and we are confident in their accuracy levels. However they do have limitations. Temperature +/- 0.3°C. Humidity +/- 2% RH. CO2 +/- 20ppm

Sigfox as a communications protocol has gone through rigorous design and testing to ensure security and reliability. Full explanations of this can be found at the following resource link. Sigfox Security Whitepaper

Our wireless indoor environmental quality sensors come in multiple flavours. They can measure Temperature, Humidity, VOC, PM2.5, CO2, Noise, Light, Motion and other variables. That means we can provide you with multiple comfort related metrics all from one sensor. Should you have any other requirements we would be happy to discuss options with you.

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