Validation of HVAC Upgrade Project

The Challenge

Irish Water’s Foley Street office in Dublin is one of its flagship locations. In 2021, the office carried out a major mechanical and controls systems overhaul as part of the pathway to 51% emissions reduction and B2 BER certification. They also wanted to create a more comfortable and energy efficient building for staff and visitors.

Why OPNBuildings?

OPNBuildings help facilities managers lower costs, reduce carbon emissions and keep occupants comfortable and safe by monitoring indoor air quality, energy consumption and HVAC efficiency all on one platform. In 2021, Irish Water added OPNBuildings to the core project team as an independent third party to validate that comfort and efficiency project goals were achieved. As solutions were from a number of different suppliers, Irish Water needed the platform to work with the BMS and other systems.

The Results

Irish Water upgraded their controls network to a fully native BACnet system, ensuring the availability of their system data. They also have an installed Modbus Meter network and IOT sensors throughout the Foley Street building. OPNBuildings evaluated the operation of all HVAC systems using BMS data, the metering network and IoT sensors.

An overall energy reduction of 22% or 67 megawatt hours was achieved from this analysis. Problems such as out of hours operation, unnecessary operation, failed and passing valves were identified. These issues were monitored until resolved as part of the validation process. OPNBuildings ensured that the project team could sign off on a building that now provides the desired comfort level, efficiently.

Client Feedback

"Thanks to OPNBuildings the HVAC upgrade project for €1.1M was a success. Throughout the construction stage snags were easily identified, troubleshooted and addressed. On handover there was confidence the building was achieving air quality and thermal comfort. The necessary tools were in place to support the continuous improvement in building operation with fault detection and easy to ready dashboards. OPNBuildings was the most important quality driver in this project and represented excellent value for money. We have now realised our 2030 Climate action plan targets with a Building energy rating of B3. We have retained OPNBuildings to ensure that our energy consumption and associated carbon are managed to help us realise other 2030 targets."

- Robert Ryan Facilities Engineer, Irish Water