Energy Management

Boost your sustainability performance with our industry-leading energy analytics software. Seamlessly integrate meter, occupant, equipment and systems data to achieve greater insight into your building’s energy consumption.

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Energy Insights

Analyse energy consumption patterns and increase visibility from the building level down to equipment level.

Energy Reduction

Reduce consumption and prevent energy drift with fault detection and key performance indicators.

Sustainability Reports

Deliver strategic sustainability reports, customised dashboards and benchmark building performance.

Insights: clarity from top to bottom on your building energy performance.

No more wondering why energy consumption has spiked. Our software provides the power and flexibility you need to systematically identify, investigate, track and eliminate energy waste across your multi-building portfolio.

  • Seamless integration of energy, IoT sensor and BMS data.
  • Create a network of asset virtual meters using equipment data.
  • Project future loads and flag anomalies in current consumption.
  • Baseline and Normalise Consumption with multiple data sources, such as demand, weather and occupancy.
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Reduce: a smarter way to achieve building sustainability.

Use all of your building data to achieve new levels of transparency and energy insight.

  • Automated fault Detection to pinpoint energy issues.
  • Measure and benchmark system efficiency and performance.
  • Prioritised actions for fast and effective response to waste.
  • Commissioning analysis to maintain comfort, whilst reducing cost and carbon levels.
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Report: effortlessly share your sustainability performance.

Our software provides everything you need on your journey to net zero, whether it is automated metering reading, identification of energy reduction opportunities or supporting strategic business decision making.

  • Monitoring & verification to track projects & upgrades.
  • Sustainability reporting for industry frameworks & ESG targets.
  • Custom dashboards for portfolio management & digital signage.
  • Benchmark your building against design performance & industry standards.
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