Occupancy & Comfort Analysis

Simplify space management and maximise sustainable patterns of use with a combination of indoor air quality and space utilisation data, and meet new workplace expectations all on a single platform.

Workplace Experience Insights

Use the powerful insights from OPNSpaces to enable more sustainable usage patterns and create a smarter more comfortable workplace.

Indoor Air Quality

Objectively measure the health of your building

Energy Correlation

Correlate occupancy data with your energy loads.

Problem Areas

Identify hot or cold spots in occupied spaces.

Occupant Experience

Analyse how occupants use building resources.

Social Distancing

Adapt workspaces based on new patterns of work.

Impact Verification

Measure & verify the impact in HVAC strategy changes.

Cost Avoidance

Avoid costly square footage you don’t need.

Anomaly Detection

Identify costly anomalies in space conditioning.

Occupancy Counting: capture and analyse patterns of use and occupancy levels.

Make evidence based decisions about your property portfolio with confidence and allow key stakeholders gain access to accurate data on how their buildings and spaces are being used.

  • Manage day to day building use and conditioning strategies.
  • Reopening buildings safely and efficiently for occupants.
  • Monitor utilisation rates across your entire real estate portfolio.
  • Forecast how much space you really need.
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Air Quality: monitor and analyse indoor environments with IoT sensoring.

Have and share visibility into how your workspaces are performing in terms of indoor air quality and the effectiveness of conditioning systems.

  • Monitor air quality to ensure effective systems and satisfied occupants.
  • Avoid complaints by proactively acting on issues.
  • Leverage dashboards and reports to inform stakeholders and occupants.
  • Measure the impact on conditioning effectiveness after changes to operation and equipment.
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Anomaly Detection: to avoid occupant focused issues and inefficient space usage

Leverage automated machine learning and fault detection techniques to identify areas of concern and wasteful operations.

  • Identify problem areas for comfort issues.
  • Get automated insights on wasteful space usage.
  • Detect anomalies such as out of hours/season heating/cooling.
  • Validate frost/fabric protection strategies are working as planned.
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