Anomaly - Out of Hours Gas Consumption

The award-winning Ervia facility management team are a division who strive to continuously improve and enhance the quality of service delivered to their organisation. With over 2,700 desks across 20 diverse buildings they have a challenging task to ensure all systems and buildings are operating efficiently and effectively.

Anomaly Detection

The OPNEnergy solution takes advantage of a rules and fault detection engine to analyse the consumption of energy across the building in comparison to the running hours of the building and its systems.

In a 9 to 5 office space, irregular gas consumption stands out like a sore thumb but it can be difficult to identify the root cause of the consumption. The OPNEnergy solution helped the Ervia team pin point the cause by looking for irregularities in operation of all monitored systems.

Issue & Finding

The occurrence of small but consistent amount of gas consumption was parasitic to the buildings overall energy consumption levels. In isolation each event was minimal (4-5kwh every 2-3 hours) but over the course of the year the amount of gas consumed unnecessarily was excessive.

The OPNEnergy anomaly detection system was able to line up the parasitic consumption with the irregular operation of underfloor heating from the Building Management System. The BMS was calling on the underfloor heating out of building hours, which in turn was causing the boilers and LPHW system to fire.


Energy Savings - The OPNEnergy platform was able to quantify the difference in consumption from the gas meter during and after the resolution of the anomaly. Annualised this amount was a significant saving.

Reduced Operation - due to its nature the resolution of the problem has led to a reduction in boiler starts and running hours which in turn should lead to increased lifespan of the equipment

40,762 kg CO2e

Avoided Emissions


Avoided Operating Cost


Reduced Boiler Starts

Client Feedback

" Within days of starting a trial with OPNHVAC we identified a number of operational and energy saving improvement opportunities within our buildings. After successfully using the software within two of our pilot buildings, we are now investigating the potential for further integration with other Ervia offices. Continuous Monitoring and Reporting enables the FM Department to measure and demonstrate the performance of our office led assets. "

- Dermot Walsh Facilities Energy Manager at Ervia