About Us

OPNBuildings designs and creates innovative software solutions to tackle problems in how buildings are run.

When we founded OPNBuildings in 2016 our goal was simple; understand how well a HVAC system was working without spending hours standing in a plant room, and even better…not having to climb into an Air Handling Unit. We also thought it would be neat if we could just bottle some of the knowledge and depth of experience of our most senior engineers. How hard could that be?

It turns out dealing with the complexity of equipment and systems is one thing, but bringing transparency, efficiency and high performance to an entire building operation is another. Layer onto that an existential environmental emergency and we had ourselves a cause worth working for. It’s been a heck of a journey, and we are only just getting started.

Join our growing list of satisfied partners in achieving high performance buildings.
Eglinton Street, Cork
The Hub
UCC Campus, Cork
GMIT Library
Old Dublin Rd, Galway
Limerick Criminal Court
Cathedral Place, Limerick
Boole Library
UCC Campus, Cork
Colvill House
Talbot Street, Dublin

Our Team Of Experts

Our team at OPNBuildings consists of highly experienced professionals from the HVAC and Buildings Controls Industry with over 30 years experience in delivering high performance buildings and systems.

James Byrne
Company Founder
Frank Caul
Company Founder
Tony O'Keeffe
Chief Operations Officer
Brian Caul
Chief Technology Officer
Nicholas Sotiriou
Lead Backend Developer
Niall Brady
Lead Data Analyst
Filip Zakrocki
Lead UI Developer
Keith Lyons
Non Executive Director

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