Proactive Maintenance - Ervia / Irish Water Estate

The award-winning Ervia facility management team are a division who strive to continuously improve and enhance the quality of service delivered to their organisation. With over 2,700 desks across 20 diverse buildings they have a challenging task to ensure all systems and buildings are operating efficiently and effectively. To this end, they utilise the OPNHVAC software to speed up their maintenance processes.

Improvement Maintenance Process

The OPNHVAC solution runs complex rules over the buildings data in real time to automatically detect and diagnose mechanical HVAC faults as well as identify energy saving opportunities. The Ervia facility team, moved to a proactive maintenance process using the automated software.

Alongside their traditional maintenance contract which leverages HVAC and BMS expertise to correct and maintain their complex systems, they feed the fault detection results into their maintenance management platform for faster fix and improved occupant experiences.

Faster Fix

The maintenance team are fed with all the information required on each fault in order for them to send the correct personal to the exact site of the issue. This means less hours spent diagnosing the problem as well as less chance of mis-diagnosis and more accurate fixes.

Furthemore, due to the nature of the maintenance contract, no longer do issues only get identifying during the routine maintenance visits but now costly energy issues can be seen immediately and resolved promptly.

Examples of Issues

Mechanical Failures - The software has detected, diagnosed and evaluated the energy cost impact of issues such as passing or stuck heating & cooling valves and faulty mixing dampers. These faults can cause poor comfort and increased energy costs.

Temperature Hunting - Very difficult to find issues such as system hunting, continuous cycling between heating and cooling, have been easily spotted with the fault detection system. This particular fault is often a large energy user and may not be identified for years, if ever.

Airflow Issues - Airflow issues are obvious due to the use of decent levels of instrumentation in the primary air handling units. Therefore any airflow issues are promptly reported to the maintenance team via the OPNHVAC software.

Client Feedback

" Within days of starting a trial with OPNHVAC we identified a number of operational and energy saving improvement opportunities within our buildings. After successfully using the software within two of our pilot buildings, we are now investigating the potential for further integration with other Ervia offices. Continuous Monitoring and Reporting enables the FM Department to measure and demonstrate the performance of our office led assets. "

- Dermot Walsh Facilities Energy Manager at Ervia