Bridging the gap between those setting the sails and those steering the ship

Transparent, tangible information can be powerful in the hands of those with the responsibility and resources to implement change. The right information, paired with the right knowledge and expertise, becomes valuable insight. 

But you can’t assemble furniture if the instructions are in Chinese. Nor can you manage your sustainability goals if the performance data from your buildings comes in 1’s and 0’s. Sustainable operations can only be achieved by effectively bridging the gap between those responsible for reaching sustainability targets and those managing the buildings in the portfolio. 

Only when these two essential groups can work together to monitor their buildings, can net-zero carbon targets be reached.

Knowing what drives the results

One of the key aspects of the role of those responsible for reaching sustainability goals is setting targets and reporting on performance. And that’s a challenge. Most of the time, it is impossible to see what’s driving the results you see; which makes it near impossible to improve them when targets are missed.

Once we can measure the level of performance we should expect from our buildings, it becomes easier to hold responsible parties accountable for their results. To effectively monitor our buildings and reach our net-zero carbon targets, we don’t need all the data; we just need the right information.

The first step is to collect data from various sensors placed strategically throughout a building to see when and how much energy is being used. This allows us to identify not only peak usage hours, but also inefficient equipment that may be contributing to excessive energy consumption. 

The second step matters most: translating this complex data into actionable information that gives those responsible everything they need to discover important waste points that could influence occupant comfort, running costs, and even our ability to reach our net-zero targets.

Bridging the gap

The key to success lies in bridging the gap between those leading the way towards net-zero operations and those managing day-to-day building operations. By understanding the true drivers of building performance, we gain valuable insights that enable informed decision-making and drive improvements where necessary.

If we understand how our buildings work for us, we can establish effective communication between all stakeholders involved. Opening connections between those setting the sails and those steering the ship, making sure everyone is on the same page: working towards common goals.

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